Nathan and Mary, Married

Nathan and Mary (whose engagement photos appeared here) celebrated their wedding on a brilliant, clear day here in Lincoln at Holy Family Catholic Church. Mary and her sister Ellen had their hair done by Amanda Pharis in Mt. Pulaski while the rest of the ladies went to Blades in Lincoln. Everyone looked fantastic. We made some photographs after the ceremony at Kickapoo Creek Park before heading to Lincoln Banquet Center for the reception.

Assisting me was Ann Klose, who did great work as always. Nathan and Mary had rented charter bus to carry the wedding party around town--Ann was a trooper for riding on the bus while I photographed at the reception venue.  A few of Ann's images are highlighted below.  For couples exploring wedding photography, I always recommend including a second photographer to assist--no one can be everywhere at once!

Congratulations, Nathan and Mary--thanks again for letting me make your photographs!

Ann made this photo of Mary at Blades.

Here's another of Ann's, as Nathan gets his tie adjusted just right.

Ann took the above two images on the bus.

Ann caught this moment with Mary's niece before the wedding.

A fun moment with the newlyweds on the bus (by Ann).

Ann's image of the girls anticipating the bouquet toss.

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