Image in Use: Lincoln Christian Church

Lincoln Christian Church often uses photography to help illustrate ideas in a sermon series.  This year's Christmas series was entitled, "Looking for Something More" and I was asked to make the photograph.  In this case, the staff came up with the concept of a little girl peering into a chimney, looking for Santa.  We used the church's "fireside room" as the setting and Laurin Hill, the worship minister, prepared the set.  One of my daughters was the "talent" (not to let it go to her head).  We tested a couple different lighting schemes and ended up using one Alien Bee AB800 studio strobe in a small softbox to camera right and Nikon SB-800 for an accent light to camera left.  The staff was pleased with the result and my daughter loved seeing herself in the photograph.  The image was used on the sermon series slideshow on Sunday mornings as well as on the church web site (below).