Putting Chase Jarvis on a Pedestal

Who is Chase Jarvis and what's up with those shoes and the girls? Chase Jarvis is a commercial photographer from Seattle and photographers around the world are photographing his shoes in what's being called the Chase Jarvis Shoe Project. Here's the story from the project web site:
Photographer Chase Jarvis once told an audience that anyone who walked his walk would find success, which led me to wondering what walking a mile in his shoes would really be like. So I asked Chase to send me a pair. And he did! Now I’d like you to take them for a spin. All I ask is that you share your photos on flickr and post the shoes to the next person on the list.

I put my name on the list several months ago and received a box with the shoes back in June. Recently I was making the headshots for the Logan County Fair Queen pageant and asked the contestants if they'd be willing to help me make a photo for the project. When I explained the backstory, they played along and did a fantastic job (click here for a larger version).