Caleb and Shannan Wedding Preview :: Galesburg, Illinois, Wedding Photographer

Imagine meeting in Illinois, moving with your family to Virginia, getting married in Illinois, then moving back to Virginia to start your home together.

That's Caleb and Shannan.

I've known Caleb for a long time--his family lived just a couple doors down from us and I photographed his brother Grant's senior portraits a few years ago. His father Scott and I used to play together in the church worship band.

So it was great fun not only to photograph Caleb and Shannan's wedding but also to spend time with some folks we hadn't seen in a long time.

The ceremony was held the other weekend in Shannan's hometown, Monmouth, Illinois. After a blisteringly hot summer, we were all grateful for a not-so-hot wedding Saturday. After the couple exchanged vows, the party moved to the Orpheum Theatre, a beautiful early 1900s theater in Galesburg. My colleague Ann Klose was shooting with me again to add her magic to the mix.

My best wishes and blessings to Caleb, Shannan, and their families. Thanks so much for including us on your wedding day.