Video: Woven Together's Project Sunshine

My wife and are involved with a local organization called Woven Together, a group of folks who are advocates for orphans and foster children. The Woven team is partnering with the Center for Youth & Family Solutions here in Lincoln over the next several days to renovate the Center's visitation rooms, an effort they're calling Project Sunshine. Lisa Kuhlman, another Woven team member, is heading up Project Sunshine and we made a video this week to explain who would be helped and why it's important.

Behind the scenes details: I used the Olympus OM-D E-M5 to shoot all of the footage. The E-M5's built-in image stabilization works really well and gives the handheld shots a "steadicam" look. Lisa wore a lavalier mic for the interview and audio was recorded on a Zoom H4 recorder and sync'd in Final Cut Pro X.