Branding Portrait Future Sessions—Exclusive Discounted Pricing for You

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You're making a significant investment in your brand image and I want to make it easy for you to update your photographs when you're ready.

After your initial session, then, you're entitled to exclusive discounted pricing for your future sessions.

Here's how it works:

  • Save 25% on any tier at or below the one from your initial session

  • Save 15% on any upgrade tier (that is, a tier higher than your initial session)

What does this mean? Here are two examples.

Scenario One

Let's say you chose the Solo package for your first portrait and paid $155.

When you return to update your look for an other Solo session, you'll pay only $115 (25% discount) since it's the same tier as your first Solo session.

If you chose to upgrade, say, to the Trio package on your next session, you'll pay only $290 (a 15% discount from the $345 price).

Scenario Two

You chose the Trio package for your first session and paid $345.

If you return for a Solo, Duo, or Trio session, you'll save 25% on any of those. So you'd pay only $115 for the Solo, $180 for the Duo, or $290 for the Trio.

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Note: future discounts are available for individual portrait sessions only and do not apply to group or commercial sessions.