Video Marketing Planning Sheet

Your marketing efforts are far more likely to succeed when you start with a written plan. Before starting a video marketing campaign, take time to think through and write out your plan.

Sometimes it's easier to see your ideas when they're on actual, physical paper (crazy, right?). You might find it helpful to print the form and write out your thoughts, then come back and fill in the form online.

Just a thought.

Your name *
Your name
What do you plan to accomplish with your videos? What business goal are you trying to achieve?
Audience analysis
Be specific! Not "anyone who watches this video." Think of a specific person: give them a name, age, and gender. Where do they live? What do they like to do? Who do they spend time with? What do they care about? The more clearly you can identify your audience, the more likely your campaign will be to succeed.
What do you want people to remember about you?
What type of videos will you create?
Your campaign should include at least one of these kinds of videos.
Video length
Length will depend on your goal and desired channel. Online videos should typically be 3 minutes or less. Detailed tutorials, however, may need to run longer than 5 minutes.
What channels will you use to distribute your campaign?
What's your projected launch date?
What's your projected launch date?