Shannon, Lifestyle 2010 - Illinois Lifestyle Photographer

My friend Shannon recently came into the studio to help me with some lighting tests. Shannon is a natural in front of the camera and we had a lot of fun making these pictures. As we got started, she mentioned that she'd never had senior portraits done so we joked that this was like her senior session.

But that set me to thinking: even if you had senior portraits done in the 80's (like I did) or 90's, they're probably looking pretty dated by now--especially if you had your picture made with the "big numbers" that showed the year of your graduation (you know what I'm talking about). Why not treat yourself to some new photographs? We'll do them in the studio and/or location and have a great time while we're at it. Think of it as senior portraits for grownups. Get some new prints to display around your home and a new profile photo for facebook. If you're interested, contact me and we'll get your session scheduled.