Why a Great Business Portrait Matters :: Springfield, Illinois, Headshot Photographer

Kirk Tuck, a commercial photographer based in Austin, Texas, reminds business people why a good portrait is so important:

Busy business owners often question the need to have a great public relations portrait of themselves. But in today's incredibly connected and visual culture often the face of a business owner or key employee is the first impression potential customers will experience.  When people take the initiative to look for products and services they want to know about the companies with which they are considering doing business.  Most people browsing a website to research a purchase drill down into the site looking for clues that will tip their decision in one way or another. The more important or dear the purchase the deeper they will drill for visual and written information.

They are mostly looking for some sort of human connection that will resonate with them.  A look, an attitude, a gesture or a genuine smile.

Customers want to connect with people. The images on your web site and your publicity materials can help you make that connection.

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