Behind the Scenes - Shooting Promotional Videos :: Lincoln, Illinois, Hybrid Photographer

I spent a few hours at the studio today making some promo videos. Here's a behind the scenes look at the process, and a few notes on gear:

  • The time lapse video above was made with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera and a Lumix 12-25mm f/2.8 lens and then cut in Apple's Final Cut Pro X.
  • The video I made of myself for the promos was captured with the Panasonic GH3 camera and Olympus 45mm f/1.8 lens. 
  • Audio was recorded with a Rode VideoMic Pro plugged straight into the GH3. 
  • I'm using Alzo Digital Pan-L-Lites for illumination. 

This setup works nicely for video, and the lights have been good for stills as well. The GH3 has built-in wifi and an app for the iPhone that lets the user control many of the settings from the phone. This is extraordinarily handy, since I'm able to step in front of the camera, set the focus point, and begin recording just with my phone.