ALZO Video Pan-L-Lite Review :: Bloomington, Peoria, Springfield Hybrid Portrait and Commercial Photographer/Videographer

Hybrid photographers who shoot still photographs, video, and audio are pushing into new imaging territory and need new tools to help them on that journey. Light, of course, is the primary tool we use to create our work.

In addition to the Einstein strobes I use for still photography, I've been using the ALZO Video Pan-L-Lites for both still and motion projects. These fluorescent lights are intended to give a flicker-free, color-accurate quality of light for photographers and videographers.

How do they rate? Check out the video above to see what I've concluded after having used them for a few months in the studio. The review runs 23 minutes, so you may want to grab a beverage and a snack before settling in.

If you're considering the ALZO Pan-L-Lites for your studio, make sure you check out the samples videos on their site.

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