Behind-the-Scenes Video: Interviews with Mike Zalewski and Elaine Nekritz :: Springfield, IL, Hybrid Photographer

Illinois Governor Quinn delivered his "State of the State" speech in Springfield last Wednesday, and I was on hand to interview two state representatives--Mike Zalewski and Elaine Nekritz--for their reactions. Ryan Keith from TriCap Consulting works with Mike and Elaine, and he wanted to help them reach their constituents with more than just a sound bite or quick quote in a news story.

We met in Mike's office in the Stratton Building at 1:00 PM, next door to the Capitol Building where the governor had just concluded his speech. I set up my gear for the interviews: a Panasonic GH3 camera with the Lumix 35-100 lens, and a Shure lavalier mic feeding into a JuicedLink RM222 preamp to capture the audio. I brought along two ALZO Digital Pan-L-Lite Quad units--the same ones I use in the studio--but we used only one for the interviews.

Mike and Elaine sat for the interviews while Ryan asked questions. You'll see the completed interviews here on TriCap Consulting's YouTube channel. We recorded the process in the time-lapse video above (click here if you can't see it) with a GoPro Hero 3 video camera.

Having the ability to simply record video and audio in addition to great still photographs was one of the key reasons I switched to hybrid gear last spring. We can get professional looking results without a lot of fuss, and clients who use these kinds of services can better tell their stories, reach their constituents or prospects, and grow their businesses.